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NewsApril 6, 2022

CS9470 Portable Grade Profiler Identifies Rural Road Design Issues

The CS9470 Checks Grades For Oversize Vehicle Clearance

Mounted to any vehicle with a tow hitch or a 2″ hitch receiver, the CS9470 can measure grade changes on any project. The system can be shipped between projects and mounted on a rental or temporary fleet vehicle. The entire system can be set up and mounted in 20 minutes.

The data can be used with or without a post-processed INS signal from a network or base station. Post-processing yields accuracies of 10mm horizontal and ~25mm vertically. Ideal for areas with tree cover or where drone accuracy would falter. A popular export for the CS9470 system is the Kvalue, or vertical curve radius. This calculated value from profile and elevation change can inform users where long span trailers will be have low clearance issues.

The CS9470 can by used with a sonic or laser sensor to measure the distance from the vehicle to the ground. A second height sensor can be added to calculate cross-slope and a ROW camera to capture images at a prescribed interval. All of the electronic control and sensor signals are run through the cab to the operating laptop. From here the operator can start or end collections, add events, and process data.

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