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What Folks Say About SSI

“We use SSI’s CS8500 and CS9300 systems. They are durable, reliable, and easy to use. SSI also has an outstanding customer support team. SSI has been an amazing partner to work with for all our profiling needs. Mahalo.”
Jayanth Kumar
Quality Control Engineer
“The guys at SSI are awesome! They provide exceptional service, and they always go above & beyond. They’re always available to support us whenever we need them. They have great knowledge & understanding of smoothness requirements & data analysis techniques. These guys are great to work with!”
Gabe Van de Vrugt
Inertial Profiler Operator
“The SSI staff is always there to answer our calls and provide support. Their customer service is excellent. We can count on them to keep our profiler on the road. ”
Dustin Hawkinson
“Throughout the several years of our business relationship, SSI has always been there for us when we need them. They have a very intelligent support team capable of answering any questions we have. We look forward to many more years of working with SSI ”
Lupe Armendariz
Inertial Profiler Operator
“A great product is nothing without a team to back it. SSI has shown me that not only do they produce a great product, but they have the team to support it as well. Their passion and commitment to their customers have given us the tools and knowledge we need to produce smoother roads.”
Marc Miranda
Inertial Profiler Operator
“SSI has been in my corner for the past 15 years. They always listen and continue to integrate their platform around customer feedback. With their support this allows my company to be successful.”
Cameron Martin
Vice President