Surface Systems & Instruments, Inc.

About SSI

SSI is a U.S. manufacturer of custom test equipment. Our core products measure a variety of surface characteristics, including ride and roughness, rut-depth/transverse profile, slope, 3D topography for surveying, FF/FL, and sidewalk ADA Access.

Who We Are

SSI is a privately held corporation with shop facilities in Auburn, California and Manhattan, Kansas USA. We also have full-time technicians in several locations across the United States to support West Coast, Mid-West and East Coast. Outside the USA, SSI has authorized agents in various countries worldwide. All SSI test equipment is internally engineered, including hardware, electronics and software. We have PhD consulting engineers to solve the most complicated development challenges, and long term engineers that fully understand our end users’ needs within their challenging work environments. SSI re-invests a disproportionate share of our revenues into product development as compared to industry averages.

SSI has technicians or equipment based at the following locations:

  • Auburn, California (Hardware Division)
  • Manhattan, Kansas (Research and Development)
  • Battleground, Washington
  • Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  • Incline Village, Nevada
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • San Jose, Costa Rica

What We Do

SSI offers a variety of mature products that test the ride quality (smoothness) of asphalt or concrete pavements whether on roads, bridges or airfields. Our systems are scalable, with add-ons for GPS, transverse profile, cross-slope, camera images and more. Compliance with industry standards is guaranteed, including ASTM, AASHTO and World Bank. We’ll also meet or exceed the requirements of national, state, provincial or local transportation agency specifications.

We have delivered new technologies to assess the surface quality of concrete slabs and floors, including conventional FF/FL and a lot more. For sidewalks, SSI offers automated solutions for assessing compliance with ADA Access criteria.

SSI’s emerging technologies feature high tech devices that generate 3D surface data by integrating surface profiling systems with advanced sensors and conventional survey equipment (both corrected GPS and Total Stations). Survey formats are generated for use with third party design and machine control applications.

Custom test equipment is available with NRE packages. Most collection equipment can be developed in a timely fashion. SSI has worked to create custom equipment for the military, racing, train and quality control testing and project management industries.

We sell and support equipment worldwide. We also do equipment-only rentals and offer project testing services with certified technicians.

Our Values

SSI was founded in 1995, but our expertise is more substantial than our age, as we have acquired or partnered with companies having decades of experience at surface measurement and test equipment solutions. We fully value knowing our success evolves from customer relationships, so we are committed to the highest level of quality and performance in our products and doing what it takes to retain long term, very satisfied customers. We sell and support our devices worldwide.

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