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NewsJuly 20, 2022

Fort Myer Construction to Use SSI Zero-Speed Inertial Profiler on Roads in the Nation’s Capital

Fort Myer Construction Upgraded to a Zero-Speed Inertial Profiler to Improve Their Collection Efficiency on the Highly Trafficked Roads of Washington D.C.

In recent posts to the company’s social media, Fort Myer Construction of Washington D.C. has acquired a Zero-Speed upgrade to their CS9100 Mid-mount inertial profiler. The typical work in and around Washington D.C.’s congested roads have caused headaches for construction quality control testing. Not to mention the effect on the traveling public when closures are required.

Fort Myer operators may now collect profile data with no negative impacts on traffic and improve the safety of the collection process. Operators are also using the SSI GPS tagging software features to eliminate the need to manually start or end collections during collections.

A Zero-Speed overview video can be viewed here.


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