Surface Systems & Instruments, Inc.
NewsMarch 1, 2019

SSI CS9500 Survey Profiler Gets Certified Around the USA

The CS9500 is certified as an inertial profiler with multiple DOTs

The CS9500 is a module survey scanning system. Operators simultaneously collect Class 1 wheelpath smoothness data during survey scanning collections. To add to its versatility, the CS9500 operator can only mount the wheelpath lasers to use the system as a dual laser inertial profiler when point cloud scanning is not required. This feature increases the uses of the CS9500 and reduces the need for multiple pieces of equipment.

The CS9500 has certified in multiple states under AASHTO r56 for repeatability and accuracy. The CS9500 is essentially built on an inertial profiler frame with the added features of survey scanning.

No other point cloud scanner certifies to the level of the CS9500 with respect to the simplicity and user interface.


If you want to get into collecting survey data into the future, but only need an inertial profiler SSI has a starter-pack option for the CS9500. By using the mount hardware, SSI can mount a dual laser inertial profiler initially. When you are ready, SSI can complete the installation with the remaining laser sensors for survey scanning.


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