Surface Systems & Instruments, Inc.
NewsMarch 11, 2015

SSI First to Certify New Gocator Wide Beam Laser

SSI completes AASHTO certification with Gocator wide beam laser

To maintain an up to date fleet with the latest technology, SSI has certified a inertial profiler system with the latest Gocator wide beam laser. This laser replaces the old RoLine model family of sensors. The implementation was a group effort to design, fabricate, and build new laser enclosures and mount hardware.

The smaller footprint Gocator line lasers will offer the same high performance as the RoLine lasers. More than 400 points per inch are measuring elevation for the 4-inch beam. The line laser allows for the influence of the pavement texture to be lessened by averaging the elevation readings over the beam of the laser.

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