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NewsJune 24, 2022

Hawaii DOT Ready To Collect With SSI Systems

Hawaii DOT is using CS9300 Portable Inertial Profilers On Four Islands

SSI delivered four CS9300 Dual Laser Inertial Profilers to Hawaii DOT and performed training for each island office. An SSI inertial profiler is stationed on Kauai, Maui, the Big Island, and at the materials lab on Oahu. Hawaii is transitioning into IRI based smoothness testing and will have the first projects under the new specification be completed in 2022.

The Hawaii DOT inertial profiler systems were a new experience for SSI. These were the first installations we completed on electric vehicles. All of the CS9300 systems were installed on Tesla Model Y’s that the DOT had recently procured. Although there were many variables and measurements to confirm with Tesla, the system components are the same as any other SSI inertial profiler.

Hawaii’s winding inner-island roads and weather patterns will challenge operators when collecting smoothness data. SSI’s simple one bolt laser removal and IP67 rated connectors will keep the moisture out of the electronics when the rain starts. A CS9300 Portable Profiler the system can be installed in a matter of minutes to the tow hitch. This is helpful if the systems need to be transported to another island. Moving inter-island is why HDOT and contractors prefer the CS9300 Bumper Mount over a CS9100 Mid-Mount profiler.

The new HDOT smoothness specification has MRI segment requirements and straightedge localized roughness. A progressive item in the specification was that the systems required a GPS-DMI. GPS-DMI’s have been proven to be more accurate and dependable than a wheel mounted encoder.

Multiple contractors are using SSI inertial profilers on the islands. Most of which have been long time profilograph customers under the old HDOT or FAA specification.

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