Surface Systems & Instruments, Inc.

CS8750 Lightweight Survey-Profiler

Off-road surface scanning (on-board Polaris Ranger utility vehicle)

At a Glance

The CS8750 lightweight GeoProfiler combines the best of the lightweight inertial profiling systems with conventional survey instrumentation. Ideal for tight spaces and dirt applications, the CS8750 GeoProfiler provides the following features:

  • Simultaneously collects road profile and dense 2D surface scans and 3D topographies down to 1” longitudinal spacing
  • Lightweight vehicle for use on green/fresh concrete or other non-vehicle terrain
  • Outputs into PNEZD, PLLHD, and GPGGA formats for any CAD or survey software applications
  • Reusable container for storage and shipping

Hardware & Software



The GeoProfiler™ uses industry leading technology and sensors to provide the most accurate road profiles and 3D topographies.

  • Gocator laser sensors sampling at 5-32KHz used in generating high precision longitudinal profiles
  • Accelerometers used in generating longitudinal elevation profile
  • High-Resolution Optical encoder for measuring distance
  • Operated with touchscreen Toughbook 19 or Toughbook 31 computer
  • Proprietary digital data collection architecture
  • Cross-slope sensor for slope compensation on topography creation
  • RTK corrected GPS Rover receiver with static base station or Network RTK corrections



The GeoProfiler uses SSI’s common Profiler 3 software which is an all-in-one data collection, analysis, and translation program that does everything you need for both road profiling and mobile surveying.

  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 Operating Systems
  • Automatic software updates via Internet connection
  • Easy set-up, calibration procedures, & data collection with on-screen instructions
  • Advanced capabilities for editing data, adding events, and tagging specific areas
  • GPS navigation to events, localized roughness, and stations
  • Simple export routine to almost any required format (ERD, PPF, Survey, Excel, Etc.)



Features & Benefits


Rapid Scanning & Topography Mapping

The SSI GeoProfiler system collects high frequency GPS coordinates and logs RTK corrections. The corrected GPS data is combined with inertial measurement sensor readings and multiple tracks of one-inch (25mm) sampled longitudinal profile data from the inertial profiling system. The result is GeoProfiler’s unmatched capability to quickly survey large areas and generate 2D relative surface scans or 3D topographies with higher resolution and greater accuracy than any competing technology (or conventional survey methods).


Survey GPS Hardware

The GPS hardware onboard the GeoProfiler vehicle is an industry leading survey resolution OEM board that is embedded in the inertial profiling system electronics. For 3D applications, the embedded board can be paired with various brands of static base station units. For 2D surface scans or routine ride quality testing, a base station is not used.


Modular Design

Each SSI hardware platform uses the same set of core data collection components. The modular design allows for rapid response support, as all key components are field replaceable, “plug-and-play,” and express shippable.


Innovative Software

The GeoProfiler is supplied with SSI’s Profiler 3 software for easy system setup, calibration, data collection (both survey and ride quality), data analysis, and reporting. The software is based off of a Windows operating system powered by a Panasonic Toughbook computer with touchscreen controls. The calibration and data collection routines are simple and computer instructed. Raw data streams on-screen and is backed up in real time during data collection. Both survey and ride quality data are available simultaneously in the same data file for analysis. Quickly generate smoothness reports or surface scan results from the same Profiler 3 software program.


Data for Surface Design & Machine Control

After data collection, use SSI’s Profile Design module to enter configurable parameters (target cross-slope, min/max cut-fill value) and generate a surface design optimized for smoothness. The design data can then be exported to formats compatible with third party machine control solutions for variable depth milling, paving or grinding. Fine grain 3D surface topographies can also be exported in conventional survey formats (PNEZD, PLLHD, GPGGA) at a user specified interval down to 1 inch. The exported survey data can also be used in third party CAD applications for 3D site preparation and machine control. Repeat surveys can be quickly undertaken with the GeoProfiler to monitor progress of the project surface throughout the construction.


Wide Footprint Lasers

While SSI’s profilers with single point, or “spot” lasers, are suitable for dense asphalt surfaces, a more advanced laser has evolved for measuring pavements with grooves, tines or coarse textures. Those surfaces achieve a more accurate profile using a wide-footprint laser (the LMI Technologies “Gocator” sensor with 5kHz sampling ). The Gocator is a third generation sensor that replaced the prior Roline series lasers. The line lasers collect height measurements using 4 inch/100 mm lateral sampling of the surface, as compared to spot lasers that sample using a beam no wider than about .25” (6.35mm).




At a Glance

The CS8750 lightweight GeoProfiler combines the best of the lightweight inertial profiling systems with conventional survey instrumentation. Ideal for tight spaces and dirt applications, the CS8750 GeoProfiler provides the following features: