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Profilograph Systems

SSI’s profilograph frames have been the gold standard around the world since 1962.

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Hardware & Software



System platform is a hand-built, lightweight aluminum frame refined over 50 years of production. The support wheels are powder coated with an adjustable, two way steering system. This bi-directional hardware allows data collection in the reverse direction without a frame turn-around. All the hardware is designed for one-person assembly in minutes.

The rugged operator control housing contains all profiling system electronics, on-board printer with power assisted paper take-up and Toughbook computer. AC/DC power supplies included for the housings use in field or office.



The CS8500 and 8550 use a rugged Panasonic Toughbook computer with touchscreen controls. The operator can view real time display of past segment profile index and must grind bumps & dips during data collection. Users can adjust filtering parameters, blanking band, and localized roughness (must grind bump/dip) templates at any time without effecting the raw data. Reports test results for dual or three wheel tracks with PRI results averaged. The SSI Profiler software also reports IRI (International Roughness Index) values. The program allows users to convert profile data to Google Earth, PDF, ERD/PPF for ProVal and Excel formats. New developments in software and GPS allow the operators to navigate to profile stations and localized roughness using the GPS subsystem.






Profilograph Systems


SSI has been involved in the manufacturing of the California profilograph since we were established in 1995. Our founding partnership with the original manufacturer, James Cox and Sons, Inc. (Colfax, CA), propelled SSI to the top of the industry. The SSI CS8500 Profilograph is the most trustworthy and perhaps the most widely used surface profiling device in the world.  In 2004 SSI acquired the McCracken profilograph operation from the Besser Company (Sioux City, IA), making SSI the only supplier of California style profilographs.  SSI Profilographs comply with ASTM E1274, DOT, FAA and USACE.