Surface Systems & Instruments, Inc.

At a Glance

  • The CS8500 Profilograph Upgrade installs the CS8500 operating system onto existing profilograph frame hardware
  • Completely replaces all electronics, software, cables and encoders 
  • Complies with ASTM E1274, DOT, FAA and USACE specifications
  • Detachable field housing supplied with a choice of a Toughbook 19 or Toughbook 31 computer







Hardware & Software

SSI’s profilograph upgrade adds to existing frame systems all of the hardware and software features of the CS8500 Profilograph and CS8550 Bridge Profilograph. The upgrade kit is field installable onto original frame hardware supplied by James Cox & Sons (CS8200 profilograph systems) or Besser Company (McCracken model profilograph systems). For details on the features of SSI’s CS8500 and CS8550 profilograph systems:






At a Glance