Surface Systems & Instruments, Inc.

Walking Profilers

SSI’s walking profilers deliver surface measurements under quality specifications for pavements, sidewalks, slabs and floors.

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Walking Profilers


Simple and accurate walking profilers for many applications. SSI’s walking profilers deliver surface measurements under quality specifications for pavements, sidewalks and slabs and floors. In addition to proven capabilities, the devices are compact and portable. 



All of the SSI Walking Profiler systems can be used for multiple tasks such as reference profiling, ADA compliance and FF/FL testing. These systems can all be configured based on your needs in the field. One unit can do it all. 


Ride Quality & Roughness for Roads & Bridges

The CS8800 is an ideal tool for ride quality testing for road and bridge pavements. High resolution one-inch sampled data generates the same ride indexes and localized roughness reports as inertial profilers or profilographs.


A Reference Device for Certifying Inertial Profilers

Pavement measurements from an inertial profiler can be certified for accuracy using a comparisons of the same surface profile generated by the CS8800. Use the CS8800 as a reference profiler to comply with evolving DOT, AASHTO and ASTM specifications for inertial profiler equipment certification.


FF/FL Numbers and More for Floors

SSI’s CS8850 SurfacePro brings exciting new technology to longstanding methods for testing slabs and floors. Use the Windows software to plan, collect, calculate and report floor measurements. Get the same FF/FL results as other devices, but also view individual profile lines and regions of roughness. Evolving from the proven CS8800 road profiler, SSI delivers a trustworthy and innovative solution in the CS8850 SurfacePro.


ADA Compliance for Sidewalks

The CS8900 brings welcome automation to the testing of sidewalk access pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Electronics and software replace straightedges and levels. The CS8900 records a continuous surface profile for running grade, evenness, and sidewalk ride quality. Measure cross-slope with user event markers (overhead obstacles, driveways, etc.). View results in SSI’s software, generate PDF reports or export to various formats, including GIS. This and more from the CS8900 Access Profiler.