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NewsJanuary 30, 2023

SSI Announces Release of CS9550 Portable Survey Profiler

The CS9550 was Adapted From the CS9500 Full Lane Survey Scanner. A Portable Mount and Rapid Scanning For Machine Control Designs and Profiles

SSI has released the CS9550 Portable Survey Scanner. This unit is based on the technology of the CS9500 Full Lane Survey Profiler, with a reduced size and footprint. The CS9550 mounts to the hitch receiver and scans at 7.5 to 8-foot widths (2.3-2.4 meters). The system typically collects a fixed interval 2-inch by 0.5-inch grid at 55 mph (50mm x 12mm at 88 kph). The CS9550 only requires that scans overlap – which will require two passes per lane for full coverage survey scanning.

The CS9550 can be paired with a single track Zero-Speed Inertial Profiler upgrade. This creates the ideal survey and smoothness collection system for FAA and airfield specifications. The size and portability also has advantages for highway contractors wanting to create machine control or as-built models.

The laser sensors on the CS9500 and CS9550 outperform LiDAR sensors in speed and accuracy. Allowing for either 2D relative elevation or true 3D surface scanning. The CS9550 system details can be viewed here.

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